Experiencing God

Experiencing God
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Experiencing God


Relationships are very important to God. In fact, He spent most of His time on earth deepening relationships with a few - not the crowds. God created us to need each other and yet, true friendship seems so hard to find. Friendship is the springboard to every other love and the foundation for every healthy relationship.

"I Need a Friend" is based on the beautiful portrait of friendship found in the lives of Ruth and Naomi and explores ten powerful keys that will help you be a true friend and find true friendship. Keys include:
Learning how to confront the right way
Discovering the power of transparency
Choosing to take a risk
Being willing to really listen

Are you experiencing God... today? God works in a limited world to demonstrate His unlimited power. It is sometimes easy to see Him in the miraculous events of life when, in reality, God's greatest work is in our everyday lives where He takes the ordinary and uses it to create a magnificent design! We are experiencing God daily! We simply don't know how to recognize Him. "Experiencing God" will lead you to discover God's presence in your daily life, to recognize and follow His plan instead of your own, and to discover how to appropriate God's power and resources in your life.


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