Fit For Life - Bundle of 10

Fit For Life - Bundle of 10
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Bundle of 10 book copies.
The world is obsessed with fitness and health. The subject of getting in shape is thrown at us from billboards, magazines, television, co-workers, friends, family members, the Internet... you name it. Everywhere we turn it seems like fitness centers and health programs pop up daily with promises to make us happier, firmer, thinner, healthier, stronger... better.
And there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape. In fact, as fully devoted followers of Christ, one of our goals should be to get healthy and stay that way for this race of life. Fit for Life will help you do just that as it explores four areas of fitness and health - spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Within each one of these areas, Fit for Life examines principles relating to rest, diet and exercise.
Author: Mary Southerland

Paperback Edition